Wednesday, August 2, 2017

What's your style?

The only wrong way to go on vacation is to not do what you The big questions is, what do you want to do?  There are plenty of styles and your style plays into every decision you will make while traveling.  So, really, what do you want to do?

For me, I am first and foremost a museum junkie.  I love museums.   But sometimes I can be picky, some things labeled as a museum are just a way some hoarder tried to justify their hoard to a city that wanted to clear it out because it was an eyesore.  That said, some of those roadside museums are so bad they're fun.  I recently discovered the website  I had fun with it on my recent road trip to Glacier National Park.  I did download the app, but I don't like how they want to charge for every region you download beyond one.  Some of the stuff is out of date, but some was pretty cool.  Anyway, it was fun to check out some things, but others were just little tourist traps. Top museums, the world famous ones, are world famous for a reason.  I have not been disappointed by one yet.  Some of my favorites, the Reijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the Vatican Museums, Museum Island in Berlin, the Smithsonians in Washington, D.C., the Field Museum in Chicago, the Ufizi in Florence.  Even though I've been to Paris, twice, I have yet to see the Lourve.  The first time, the museum guards went on strike, so the museum was closed.  The second time, I arrived in Paris after it closed and flew out the next day before it opened.  This is one gap I need to fix.

Speaking of tourist traps, I'm not always against them.  Some of them are pretty fun.  Most are way more expensive than they should be.  I do not really care for those museums that are not well curated.  If it's just a bunch of stuff with little rhyme or reason other than to show off stuff, I don't care for it.  Tell a story, don't just show things.  The best example of what I'm talking about is the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers museum in Salt Lake City.  This has to be one of the creepiest museums ever.  Every free inch of wall space has a photograph of someone who crossed the plains to Salt Lake City.  Then it's just a giant pile of stuff that people either hauled across the plains or built once they got here.  So it's like 12 spinning wheels, 30 rifles, 7 horse saddles, and on and on.  None of it really telling any story other than those people hauled a lot of stuff to Utah.  Then the super creepy doll room.  My daughter took one look and just said no.  The good news is, it's free. 

Another similar one, the Miracle of America museum in Polson, MT.  This is just a hoarders nest where the hoarder was a member of the John Birch Society and so therefore all the stuff was labeled with things about freedom and how great America is because we build stuff.  We did a quick drive by and decided that it wasn't worth $6 to walk around a junkyard. 

Some cool tourist traps though, I love a lot of the ones in the Black Hills in South Dakota.  The one that was surprisingly good was the Crazy Horse memorial.  The Native American museums there, I was surprised how good they were. 

Anyway, let me know what you like, I would love to comment on some of what you all say.

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